We provide non-dairy, gluten free, and vegan beverages infused with Sea Moss aka Irish Moss.  Sea Moss is a nutrient dense seaweed that contains most of the minerals that the human body needs. When soaked and blended in water, sea moss turns into a beautiful gel that can be added to food and drink. 

Some of the many reported benefits include dissolving mucous, reducing inflammation, providing thyroid, joint and bone support, reducing the effects of radiation, acting as a digestive aid for weight loss, increasing libido, and boosting immunity.

Our beverages contain no preservatives, coloring, sugar or additives, making for a naturally tasty, guilt-free and healthy treat. We also offer sun dried sea moss and sea moss gel for your convenience. We currently operate weekly out of the Underpass Park Farmers Market located at 29 Lower River Street. We welcome custom orders.

We currently operate weekly at the Underpass Park Farmers Market at 29 Lower River St. We also accept custom and online orders on our online shop.